About Robyn

To me portraiture is about human connection. When I’m behind the lens, I aim to seek out and capture my subject’s personality; to seize those fleeting moments when someone allows themselves to truly be seen.

My first camera was a gift, an old Pentax film camera. What started off as a hobby turned into a calling and I soon found myself poring over negatives in the darkroom. My desire to capture the everyday lured me in and world travel fueled my fascination with documenting my surroundings.

I’m inspired by the connection between people, the creative spark in an artist, the drive in a small business owner.

Beyond photography, I love to spend time in nature with my husband and pup.

Photo by T. Etheridge

  • "Robyn was an absolute delight to work with... an easy-going yet consummate professional!”
    Sara H.
  • "We were absolutely blown away by the beautiful photos and how wonderfully Robyn captured the moments, looks and special people in our lives. We've had so many compliments on the stunning photos and couldn't have asked for anything more."
    Laura & Graeme
  • "Robyn is deeply thoughtful and creative. She is wonderful to work with and always captures the sparkling, inner, quiet beauty of everyone she photographs."
    Dawn P.
  • "Robyn is committed, reliable, organized and creative and who we would choose again and again to capture life’s precious moments."
    Carlee & Marc
  • "Robyn is a very gifted photographer. Not only was the shoot so much fun, but the results were amazing, better than I could have ever anticipated. She has a knack for catching the perfect moment."
    Danielle D.